Golf Training Aids FAQ

Read through our frequently asked questions about our golf training aids for answers to your questions relating to things such as improving your game, how easy it is to use and also information about how to order online.

How can Proliner™ Golf Training Aids improve my Golf?

By concentrating on mastering the basic 'set up' of the stance in a repeatable and consistent manner, Proliner™ can ensure that you always line up your feet, body, hands, shaft and club face. This serves as an accurate visualisation and measurement toward the target and golf club, together with the golf ball position.

Where can I use Proliner™ Golf Training Aids?

Anywhere you can safely practice, either with a Golf professional as part of a structured training programme or as an individual seeking to improve the consistency of your Golf e.g. driving range, Golf net, practice area, or even at home to help with your setup and swing.

What do I get in the Proliner™ Golf Training Aids pack?

Proliner™ comes with one of our unique Prolinergolf training aids, a comprehensive instruction booklet, customising feet stickers and a Nylon carry bag ideal for slipping into your golf bag between shots.

Are Proliner™ Golf Training Aids easy to use?

Proliner™ is easy to set up and use.

  1. Assemble the pointers and centre swivel
  2. Configure Proliner™ for selected Golf club
  3. Position feet and bal for the chosen club

With practice, you will soon be able to line yourself up perfectly, even without the aid of the Proliner™!

What are Style One and Style Two?

The Proliner™ Golf Training Aid is versatile; in that it may be used in either of the two main teaching techniques currently employed by Golf professionals. Style 1 (Fixed Ball Position) or Style 2 (Variable Ball Position.)

Can the Proliner™ Golf Training Aids be used in other ways?

Yes, with its design versatility, our golf training aids can be used in a number of different modes. It's perfect for left or right-handed players and serves as a long distance Putting target as well as a stroke and stance guide.

Where can I buy Proliner™ Golf Training Aids?

Order your Proliner™ pack direct on-line from our secure web site or telephone or fax your order to our sales department for immediate dispatch.

How much do Proliner™ Golf Training Aids cost?

All the benefits of ProlinerTM Golf Training Aids can be yours for a surprisingly low cost, in comparison to other golf training aids. For only £19.99 (inc.VAT), you could be taking your first steps toward a much-improved Golf Game.

Can the Proliner™ Golf Training Aids be customised to suit an individual's requirements?

Proliner™ is adaptable to the individual, in that it can be personalised for use: e.g. junior players or players of various stature..

Players of different stature e.g. lady golfers or juniors, can perfect their stance by attaching customising feet stickers supplied as part of the Proliner™ training aid.

Golf Training Aids Enqueries

If you would like to make an enquiry about our Proliner golf training aids then simply either give us a call on: +44(0) 1562 887 302 or send us your questions via our contact form.

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